Ex-Libris is based on a concept of using an object of everyday use and turning it into a lighting fixture. It is a simple yet stylish pendant lamp with a book as its main feature. By creating these book lamps the designer explicitly depicts the metaphor of knowledge enlightening the mind.
Ex -Libris is eco- friendly as it employs low energy long life LED light. It is also a versatile product which enables its owner to give it a personal touch by using their own book which can be easily replaced.

A versatile pendant light

which is designed to use book(s) as a lampshade.
It gives the owner ability to create a number of looks be presented as a single or double book pendent light and to use books of their own choice.

Technical description:

1-Single book, E14 fitting, 3W/5W LED bulb only, 240V/110V
2- Double book, E27 fitting, 3W/8W LED globe, 240V/110V

Photo: Alison Hammond