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Ali was born and grew-up in Iran. He was studying Physical Education at Ahwaz University when revolution in 1979 led to the closure of universities. Ali was forced to abandon his studies and started working with sign makers which have triggered his creativity. However, by the time he was able to establish himself as a sign designer the infamous Iran/Iraq war became too much to bear and he decided to leave the country.

In 1989 Ali moved to Britain where he did BA Graphic Design at St. Martins College of Art and Design followed by a Masters in Industrial Design. While doing his dissertation Ali has become very interested in working with objects of everyday use and transforming them into lighting fixtures. This has led to designs involving umbrellas, cutlery and even coat hangers which represent design not in the expected form of stylishness but with a sense of humour which brings these objects closer to the audience.

Ali's work is being sponsored and exhibited in major international exhibitions by British European Design Group.