Recent Work


Ex-Libris is based on a concept of using an object of everyday use and turning it into a lighting fixture. It is a simple yet stylish pendant lamp with a book as its main feature. By creating these book lamps the designer explicitly depicts the metaphor of knowledge enlightening the mind. Ex -Libris is eco- […]

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Cascading Coat Hangers

Made of 28 aluminum hangers and 28 CCFT light. Frankfurt Lifestyle 2006 100% Design London 2007 Photo: Alison Hammond

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An installation made from 1000 wire coat hangers and 5 Edison screw bulbs. Frankfurt Lifestyle 2006 Photo: Alison Hammond

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Cascading Hangers

An installation made of 1000 disposable wire coat hangers and CCF tube light. ICFF New York 2005 Photo: Alison Hammond

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